Code Runner for Hospitals

Code Runner's critical care management, documentation, and clinical decision support become even more powerful when scaled to an entire hospital.

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Continuum of Care vs Transitions of Care

Whether a patient suffers an out-of-hospital or in-hospital cardiac arrest or stroke, be sure that your organization is ready and on the same page. Patient handoffs between providers or care teams can lead to adverse events like medication errors, incomplete communication, or lack of appropriate follow-up care. Code Runner mitigates these transition of care issues and empowers hospitals to perform consistently across the care continuum.

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Accurate Reporting of Billables

Doctors are not thinking about documenting all their billables when dealing with a critical care event. Code Runner takes care of this billing documentation for them, allowing them to focus on patient intervention and medication.

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Track Key Analytics

Code Runner offers a suite of reports and data analytics that allows authorized users to document, review, and examine key metrics. All necessary data points for participation in national programs, such as Get with the Guidelines®, are captured. Users can utilize these key data points to focus on benchmarking, quality improvement, provider training, and beyond!