Code Runner for EMS Professionals

EMTs and Paramedics are the first responders to most critical care events. Their ability to quickly recognize the symptoms of a patient undergoing Cardiac Arrest and provide care can mean the difference between a life saved or a life lost. With Code Runner, EMS Professionals no longer need to get bogged down with documentation while giving care.

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No More Glove Notes

While writing notes on whatever is 'handy' works, it's hardly ideal. With Code Runner, you can quickly document and time-stamp every intervention electronically. Code Runner even generates a digital trip report at the end for uploading to your ePCR, or printing for your non electronic PCR.

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Triage and Hand off Effectively

Code Runner guides you through each step of the critical care event with it's Clinical Decision Support; allowing you to provide the highest quality of care every time. When it comes time to hand the patient off to the next care provider - like when arriving at a hospital - Code Runner allows you to quickly pass the code to another user's device or provide a full summary for a non-user.

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Track Key Analytics

It's hard to improve what you don't measure. Code Runner measures a broad array of metrics like: time to first compression, average time spent giving chest compressions, time to first ventilation, average defibrillation interval, and more. The analytics suite allows careful examination of trends, empowering users to further improve pre-hospital care.